Fax by Email Prevent costly mistakes

Fax by Email  Prevent costly mistakes

With the digital faxing, the entire fax transmission technology scenario has changed. High speed internet faxing is a reality now and has introduced many changes in how a business organization communicates with others, which greatly accelerates workflow. Its a paperless world today, and digital fax technology has done away with fax machines and printed papers, making an organization more efficient.

Internet faxing does not require much knowledge, and you do not need any special skills to use the service. With Internet Fax, you can receive and send faxes over the Internet. The faxes you send will first be converted to digital format and then sent to the affected persons who receive the fax as attached email or in the email body itself.

Internet Fax has a lot of attractive benefits that include

Lower costs.

Reliability in service.

Mobility and accessibility.

Easy handling.

The traditional fax machines analogue that we know have many disadvantages to them. These machines often have problems with paper jams, phone interruptions, phone charges, fax maintenance, paper and printing costs, and more. Internet Fax deletes everything that guarantees a smoother and clearer transfer.

In order to find the most suitable solution for online faxing, it is worth doing a little research.

Where do you find Internet fax programs and services?

If you search the Internet, you will find several service providers that offer Internet Fax. You may find services that are free only with the condition that the front of the received fax would have an advertisement from the sponsors.

There are various such services available, and most of these service providers offer you 30 days of trial, during which time you can test each service and select one for your continued use.

You can also access free fax services when browsing the Internet, but these services are not appropriate if you are looking for faxes for business purposes. These services have limited opportunities and do not provide the enhanced features required by business organizations.

When providing a free fax facility, service providers would have their sponsored ads displayed on the front of the received fax, which is not appropriate at all in a business environment. Furthermore, free fax services do not guarantee the immediate delivery of your faxes, which may adversely affect your business.

How does it work?

Internet service is available from any computer in the world. The computer must have access to the Internet. All you need to do is log in to your account and start using the fax service. You can open your mailbox to see if any faxes are there for you.

Internet fax services also provide you with information about the status of the fax you have already sent. It would inform you if the fax was delivered and at what time. If the delivery fails, the service would let you know why it was not delivered. Furthermore, if the fax you sent waited in queue, you would be informed about its status.

The received fax is usually delivered to you in the form of attached email and can also be delivered to a G3 fax machine after you convert digital fax data to a G3 fax format. There are some obvious features offered by Internet faxing and these include

Fax sending.

Routes incoming faxes.

Archive of sent faxes.

There are two steps in internet fax that are


This is done to determine whether the sent fax can be delivered to that destination.

Delivery Confirmation

When the fax is delivered, the system waits for the recipient to have received the document and it has been processed.

The detailed status of the transfer is also available to you as the sender of the fax, and any error message reports will be generated for your knowledge.


Internet faxing uses digital fax technology to receive and send faxes. It is also known as online faxing which is the general term used to send and receive faxes over the Internet. Internet faxing provides costbenefit for the user to eliminate expensive fax machines and introduce paperless communications, embedded by email.

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